Automatic Door Openers [Wilmington]

Automatic door openers from 101 Mobility [Wilmington] keep your hands free for seamless room-to-room transitions.

Open doors with just the push of a button. Automatic door openers can be placed on interior or exterior doors. With the push of a button, automatic door openers can unlock and unlatch a door, and hold it open while the user passes through. The unit then closes the door and secures the latch, locking the door when applicable.

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About Automatic Door Openers

Universal Compatibility

Automatic door openers can be installed quickly and easily on many types of doors. Whether the door opens to the left or right, or swings inward or outward, the automatic door opener system can be easily installed on any residential door.

Activator Options

Door opener systems can be customized with a wide range of activation devices, such as wheelchair-control switches, wall push-pads, X-10 home control systems, and other control systems to suit your specific needs and abilities.

Manual Options

Electric door openers from 101 Mobility [Wilmington] do not interfere with the manual operation of doors on which they are installed. Unlike some door opening devices, users can easily open doors manually without any clicking, friction, or resistance. The door operates as normal when the unit is not activated, and can even be left open for pets or ventilation purposes.

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