Turny® Evo Seat

The Turny® Evo Seat is a high-end, flexible, and practical powered car seat that enables users to get in and out of higher vehicles, such as trucks and vans, easier. Not only is the Turny® Evo Seat useful for entering and exiting vehicles, but it is also vastly more comfortable than a standard car seat, and comes with additional features such as heated seating and folding armrests. Available in a multitude of colors and shades of leather, the BraunAbility Turny® Evo Seat is sure to match or even enhance the décor of any vehicle.

  • Fully powered seat is capable of both vertical and horizontal travel, coupled with extension and rotation
  • Simple hand controls are operated with a single button
  • Reclinable seat with conventional side levers for easy operation
  • Built-in flip-up footrest ensures comfort when entering and exiting the vehicle
  • Seat material is resistant to scratches and other blemishes, and is an easy to clean material
  • Choice of Ultraleather seating or standard fabric. Multiple colors are available for both options
  • Original car seat is unchanged and can be reinstalled easily
  • Meets and/or exceeds federal safety standards, ensuring that you have a safe and enjoyable ride
  • Long lasting design can ensure a great degree of use, and can even be transferred between compatible vehicles
  • Manual back-up system ensures that the lift will operate with or without power
  • Eligible for auto-manufacturer rebates
  • Backed by 101 Mobility’s 1-year service warranty
  • Weight capacity: 370 lbs (168 kg)
  • Position: Driver or passenger
  • Location: First or second row
  • Vertical Travel: 15.4 in (39 cm)
  • Unit/Seat Weight: 200 lbs (91 kg)
  • Safety features
    • Posture belt
    • Chest support harness
  • Heated seats for therapeutic muscle relief and comfort
  • Ultraleather/Fabric available is multiple colors, ensuring that the interior of any vehicle can be accommodated
  • Armrests that enhance the comfort of your rides and transfers, and can be used on both passenger and driver seats
  • Posture belt as an added security measure in addition to a seatbelt. Helps maintain positive posture and body position as well
  • Posture vest that provides extra support to the lower and upper back during the ride
  • A child latch kit allows children to ride in the seat as well, while remaining safe and secure as though it was a regular car seat