Pride Mobility Outlander Full Platform External Auto Lift

The Outlander Full Platform External Auto Lift is the perfect solution for those looking to ease the hassle of navigating and unloading in busy parking areas and shopping centers. This powered lift requires little to no modification to your vehicle and features an easily accessible platform that can be loaded from either side with a power scooter or chair. Hailed as being one of the most universal platform lifts available, the Outlander comes standard with puddle lights, toggle switches, and more to ensure for pleasurable and easy operation. Additional features and accessories are also available and can be added in for further customization.

  • Night use is simple and effective due to a standard puddle light, which makes loading onto the ramp much simpler and safer
  • Toggle switch controls ensure easy operation, allowing the lift to be moved up or down with the simple flick of a switch
  • Lift is ramped on both sides to allow for ambidextrous loading and unloading
  • License plate bracket comes standard so that you can still visibly show your license plate while the lift is installed
  • Can be used on a variety of different car trailer hitches, including Class 2, 3, or 4
  • Manual override ensures that the lift can be used without electricity, perfect for no power situations or electrical failure
  • LED indicator indicates if system is on or off, allowing for appropriate power down when the lift is not in use
  • Weather resistant phosphate coating ensures a clean looking finish, while avoiding rust hazards and corrosion damage
  • Backed by 101 Mobility’s 1-year service warranty, as well as the manufacturers 3-year transferable warranty
  • Unit Weight: 82 lbs
  • Maximum load: 350 lbs
  • Maximum Allowed width: 28”
  • Unit Length: 43”, 42” usable
  • Maximum travel distance from ground: 21”
  • Motor: Fully sealed 12 Volt DC
  • Hitch Classes: 2, 3, and 4
  • Vehicle Platforms: Full size van, Minivan, Truck, Sedan, SUV and Crossover
  • Safety Features
    • Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approved
  • Swing-away adaptor allow the lift to easily swing away from the vehicle, proving easy access to trunks and rear car components
  • Battery pack eliminates the need for the lift to be powered by the car battery, allowing for a more ergonomic experience without wires running throughout your car
    • Multi-purpose battery pack allows for charging on-the-go capabilities
    • In-house charging system allows the battery to be charged with any standard wall outlet
  • Hitch Tube Riser allows for lower-hitched vehicles to gain a few inches on their lift installation, reducing scratched on steep inclines
  • Outlander retractable strap
  • Weather Cover

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