Pride Mobility Outlander LP Mini External Lift

The Outlander LP Mini External Lift is an extremely compact auto lift, and just so happens to be the lightest of its class. The LP Mini is extremely inconspicuous, and allows the driver to maintain a clear line of vision out of the rear window due to its small frame. While sporting a non-obtrusive design, the LP Mini is also extremely efficient at carrying 10” mid-wheel drive power chairs on a class 2 hitch. The LP Mini also features a cradle system, which acts as shock absorption for the power chair while driving on bumpy or rough roads. With additional features, such as a swing-away adaptor and weather cover, the LP Mini is ready for any situation.

  • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs
  • Perfect for Class 2 vehicles due to its catered design to those specific weight limitations
  • Weighing only 68 lbs, it is the lightest lift of any major lift manufacturer
  • Hold-down arm keep power chair in place at all times, negating unwanted movement during transfers and while driving
  • Easy-access ramp is slopped on both sides, allowing for ambidextrous entry
  • LED puddle lights are perfect for night or low-light usage, ensuring you can enter and exit the lift without mishap
  • Toggle switch makes vertical travel extremely easy, simple, and effective
  • License plate bracket is included to ensure that the plate is displayed if the lift ends up obstructing it
  • Low-profile design allows for easy rear-window visibility when the lift is not in use
  • Weather resistance is ensured via a phosphate undercoating that protects from corrosion and rust
  • LED indicators display the power mode of the lift (on/off)
  • No-power situations are a negligible concern due to the LP Mini’s manual override system
  • Backed by 101 Mobility’s 1-year service warranty, as well as the manufacturers 3-year transferable warranty
  • Base Weight: 68 lbs
  • Maximum Mobility Product Overall Weight: 250 lbs.
  • Maximum Mobility Product Width: 27″
  • Overall Platform Length: 18″
  • Maximum Travel Distance from the Ground: 16″
  • Motor: Fully sealed 12V DC
  • Hitch Class: Class II, III & IV
  • Vehicle Platform: Full-size van, Minivan, Truck, Sedan, SUV and Crossover
  • Safety Features
    • Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approved
  • Swing-away adaptor allows for easy access to the tank of your vehicle by extending and rotating the lift away from the vehicle’s rear
  • Battery pack eliminates the need for connection to your vehicles power, allowing for longer-lasting vehicle battery
  • Hitch extension is perfect for vehicles with recessed hitches
    • Weight limit of extension: 325 lbs
  • Hitch tube riser elevates the lift to avoid scraping and abrasions while driving on inclined surfaces
  • Weather Cover

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