Patient Lifts [Wilmington]

Transfers are an essential part of caregiving. That’s why 101 Mobility [Wilmington] offers an array of patient lifts for home use, including ceiling lifts and portable patient lifts to fit your needs.

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Why choose a patient lift?

  • They promote safe and easy patient transfers between rooms, bedside, or bath-side.
  • They can travel along a system of rails installed to the ceiling (ceiling/installed lift) or freely via an independent frame (portable lifts).
  • They allow the caregiver to navigate the lift either manually or via powered steering.
  • They can accommodate a number of different slings and accessories.
  • They’re backed by the 101 Mobility One-year Limited Service Warranty in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty.

Patient Lifts from 101 Mobility [Wilmington]

Overhead Patient Lifts

Overhead lifts can be mounted into the ceiling or walls, or can be freestanding. They are ideal for transporting people along a fixed pathway.

Portable Patient Lifts

Portable patient lifts utilize a crane-like lifting arm to manually or automatically assist patients in transfers. Thanks to the wheeled base, they can be easily moved between rooms.

How to Choose a Patient Lift

101 Mobility [Wilmington] carries a wide variety of medical lifts, each with different features. Consider the following items when selecting the best patient lift for your unique needs:

Weight Capacity

Each patient lift has a different weight capacity, ranging from 300 pounds up to 1,000 pounds. Our Mobility Consultants will discuss the weights of any potential users to ensure that your patient lift can handle all of your lifting needs.

Transfer Pathway

Simple transfers from a bed to a wheelchair or along variable pathways are best for a portable lift, where the lift can be steered in any direction and moved out of the way when not in use. However, transfers between rooms over set pathways are often best performed with a ceiling-mounted lift. In some situations, both types of lifts may be necessary to fulfill a variety of transfer needs.

Caregiver Capacity

When considering different lifts, the caregiver’s health and capacity are just as important as the patient’s. If the caregiver is able to manually steer both the weight of the patient and the lift, a manual mobile patient lift can provide optimal maneuverability in any home. On the other hand, a portable or overhead lift with powered steering can accommodate a caregiver who requires additional help when extra manpower is unavailable.

Duration of Need

For short-term needs, a portable lift is the ideal solution as they are available for rental. For long-term needs, both portable and ceiling-mounted patient lifts may be purchased. It is important to consider the duration of need before deciding whether to buy or rent any lift.

After-Sale Support

What happens after installation? After the patient lift becomes a part of your home, it’s important to have support for routine maintenance and any questions you may have. All lifts are backed by the 101 Mobility One-Year Limited Service Warranty in addition to the brand’s individual warranty, so you can feel confident in your purchase.

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