Installed Ceiling Lifts [Wilmington]

Ceiling lifts are mounted directly into your home’s ceiling beams. The railing can be installed for transportation in a set pathway from room to room. The lifting unit glides effortlessly along the railings to transport patients via interchangeable slings, enabling safe and simple transfers.

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About Installed Ceiling Lifts

Ceiling mounted patient lifts provide ergonomic lifting solutions for caregivers and their patients, without loss of valuable floor space. At 101 Mobility [Wilmington], we understand the difficulty associated with standard patient transfers. In fact, every year, countless caregivers and patients suffer from injuries related to patient transfers. Whether you are a professional caregiver working in a healthcare facility or a family member caring for a loved one, we value your safety as well as the safety of your care recipient.

That’s why we offer ceiling-mounted patient lifts, which boast a user-friendly operating system, eliminating the need for any manual lifting and greatly reducing the risk of injury to caregivers and patients. Because all of our lifts are designed with the caregivers in mind, our ceiling lift systems require the caregiver to simply attach a sling and operate a controller to quickly and easily complete transfers. With such efficient systems, a single caregiver can carry out transfers quickly and, most importantly, safely.

When the lift system is not in use, the lifting unit can be discreetly stored on the overhead track, out of sight and out of the way. The units continually charge when not in use, so they are ready for use whenever you need them.

Ceiling Installed Patient Lifts Features

Benefits to Patients

Patients and their caregivers love our patient lifts! Using a ceiling-mounted patient lift enables patients to enjoy transfers with safety, comfort, and dignity.

Interchangeable slings enable patients to perform a variety of functions with limited assistance from caregivers, providing a greater sense of independence. From bathing to seated transfers, physical therapy and beyond, there’s a sling available to suit your needs.

Safe Patient Handling Programs

As industry experts, 101 Mobility [Wilmington] has guided hundreds of care facilities and home caregivers in implementing Safe Patient Handling (SPH) programs. We offer, install, and service a wide variety of top-quality ceiling lifts for patients from the industry’s leading manufacturers to enhance your patient handling program.

The 101 Mobility Difference

101 Mobility [Wilmington] offers a complete ceiling lift program, customized to suit your specific needs. Our full-service solutions include free on-site consultations, installation, and long-term service and maintenance backed by our signature one-year limited service warranty in addition to the manufacturer’s product warranty. Not only do our expert Mobility Specialists install our ceiling lifts, but we take the time to train caregivers and patients, making sure that they completely understand and are comfortable using the equipment before we leave.

After installation, we are always available for questions regarding your equipment. Our goal is to ensure the best possible working environment for caregivers, partnered with safe, comfortable and dignified transfers for patients.