Liko FreeSpan

The Liko FreeSpan Systems allow the Liko Multirall and Liko Likorall overhead lift motors to be a mobile lifting solution without modifications to your home. These freestanding frames come in both straight-rail and traverse-rail models, as well as configurations made specifically for bariatric patients. All FreeSpan Systems are made of lightweight-yet-stable aluminum for easy cleaning, and their compatibility to the Liko Multirall and Likorall opens each system to the library of accessories complementary to these motors.

The Liko FreeSpan series includes:

  • Straight Rail Lift System – This mobile, one-rail system is available in eight different frame configurations, each with adjustable rail widths and gantry heights. The Straight Rail Lift System is equipped with lockable, pivoting wheels for easy room-to-room movement and can be installed without any tools.
  • Traverse Lift System – This stationary, two-rail system is rigged with an X-and-Y-axis-styled rail layout and can be steered in four directions within the lifting area. The system’s adjustable width, length and height make it customizable to any room or lifting situation.
  • UltraTwin Lift System – This lift system uses the UltraTwin overhead lift motor (two Likorall models) to accommodate bariatric patients. The UltraTwin Lift System is available in the mobile straight-rail and stationary traverse models, both adjustable in width, length and height.
  • Locking handles to ensure secure frame position
  • Made of lightweight-yet-stable aluminum for easy transport and cleaning
  • Backed by 101 Mobility’s One-Year Limited Service Warranty in addition to manufacturer’s warranty
  • Traverse Lift System
    • Weight capacity: 440 lbs – 550 lbs (200 kg – 250 kg)*
    • Rail length: 96” – 234” (2450 mm – 5950 mm)
    • Rail width: 90” – 169” (2300 mm – 4300 mm)
    • Unit height: 88” – 100” (2250 mm – 2550 mm)
  • UltraTwin Lift System – Straight Rail
    • Weight capacity: 1100 lbs (500 kg)*
  • UltraTwin Lift System – Traverse Rail
    • Weight capacity: 880 lbs – 1014 lbs (400 kg – 460 kg)*
    • Rail length: 96” – 234” (2450 mm – 5950 mm)
    • Rail width: 90” – 169” (2300 mm – 4300 mm)
    • Unit height: 88” – 100” (2250 mm – 2550 mm)

*Weight capacity determined by weight capacity of accessory in use

  • Back belt: Four recommended Human Care back belts are compatible with the Human Care STS200 to achieve safe, versatile and comfortable patient suspension and transfer. Sizes: S – XL

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