Portable Patient Lifts [Wilmington]

Patient lifts are medical devices used to assist caregivers in transitioning patients with limited mobility.

Portable patient lifts make life easier for patients and caregivers by assisting in smooth, gentle transfers from beds, baths, mobility devices, and even transport vehicles.

With their lightweight yet sturdy frames and convenient wheeled-bases, portable patient lifts offer reliable transfer solutions that can be easily transported between rooms or in the back of a vehicle.

101 Mobility [Wilmington] offers a complete patient lift program, customized to suit your specific needs. Not only do our expert Mobility Specialists deliver and assemble our portable patient lifts, but we take the time to train caregivers and patients, making sure that they completely understand and are comfortable using the equipment before we leave.

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About Portable Patient Lifts

At 101 Mobility [Wilmington], we understand the difficulty associated with standard patient transfers. Every year, countless caregivers and patients suffer from injuries related to patient transfers, resulting in additional stress and time out of work. Whether you are a professional caregiver working in a healthcare facility or a family member caring for a loved one, we value your safety as well as the safety of your care recipient.

That’s why we offer portable patient lifts, which boast a user-friendly operating system, greatly reducing the risk of injury to caregivers and patients. Portable patient lifts are freestanding moveable lifts on wheeled bases. They can be hydraulic, electronic, or manually-powered, depending on the caregiver’s specific needs and abilities.

All of our lifts are designed with the caregiver in mind; our portable patient lift systems require the caregiver to simply attach a sling and operate a controller or lever to independently complete transfers. With such efficient systems, a single caregiver can carry out transfers quickly and, most importantly, safely.

Portable patient lifts can be used to assist semi-mobile patients in achieving a standing position from a bed or chair, also known as “Sit-to-stand” lifts. Other sling lifts are helpful in transferring patients from a bed to a wheelchair, bathroom, or even an automobile. Task-specific slings are available to assist in every type of transfer.

101 Mobility [Wilmington] offers a variety of top-quality portable patient lifts from the best manufacturers in the industry. These lifts are relatively lightweight, allowing caregivers to easily roll them across rooms or to place them in storage and out of the way when not in use. Some portable patient lift models can be easily folded up for easy transport, enabling safe transfers on the go.

Portable Patient Lift Features

Portable & Light

Portable patient lifts have relatively lightweight frames supported by wheeled bases. They can be easily maneuvered across a room, within a house, or even outdoors. Many portable patient lift models can be collapsed for easy transport and storage when not in use.


Unlike ceiling-mounted patient lifts, which are confined to a track installed in the ceiling, portable patient lifts have the freedom to transport patients nearly anywhere. With the patient secured in one of our slings, the caregiver can easily maneuver the lift nearly anywhere inside or outside a home.

Electric, Hydraulic, or Manual Options

Portable patient lifts may be electronically operated, manually operated, or hydraulically operated. Electronic patient lifts require the caregiver to simply push a button on a handheld remote, leaving one hand free to guide the sling and further assist the patient. Manual lifts require much more effort from the caregiver in order to complete transfers, while hydraulic lifts combine the two styles, requiring the caregiver to operate a pump. Each model has its own pros and cons, including differences in caregiver requirements, weight capacity, and price. 101 Mobility [Wilmington]’s expert Mobility Consultants can assist you in selecting the best style of patient lift for your needs.

Automobile Transfers

Portable patient lifts provide excellent alternatives to turning automotive seats by enabling safe automobile transfers without any modifications. The lifts transfer patients in a natural, comfortable, and safe manner between a sling and a car’s seat, enabling enhanced independence outside of the home.