Arjo Maxi 500 Passive Sling Lift

Maxi 500™ combines proven lifting technology with the latest standards in safety, security and comfort for both resident/patient and caregiver alike. Compatible with a full range of head and body support slings, the battery-operated Maxi 500 allows caregivers to give their undivided attention to the resident/patient during patient handling routines.


● With a 500 lbs (227 kg) Safe Working Load, the Maxi 500 is able to lift and transfer the majority of resident/patients
● Hand control operation provides high standards of safety, comfort and dignity
● With its compact dimensions, Maxi 500 is suited to environments with narrow spaces
● Low reaching boom easily picks up people from the floor
● The resident/patient is comfortable and well supported throughout the transfer process, in the head and body support sling
● The chassis can be electronically opened to provide better access around large chairs
● Can be used with clip or loop slings depending on choice of hanger bar
● Available with or without scale

● Chassis external width (legs closed): 25″ (635 mm)
● Chassis internal width (legs open): 35 3/4″ (910 mm )
● Safe working load: 500 lbs (227 kg)
● Min Lifting Height: 25″ (660 mm)
● Max Lifting Height: 72″ (1830 mm)
● Height Of Chassis: 4 3/8″ (110 Mm)
● Protection Class: IPX4 (lift)
● Protection Class: IP 67 (handset)

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