Arjo Sara Stedy Standing & Raising Aid

Enables one caregiver to transfer patients safely and with ease. Building on the success of the Sara Stedy, we are pleased to introduce Sara Stedy Compact: a standing aid that caters to smaller-sized patients and residents. For safe and easy every day transfers – Promoting mobility, support and dignity.


● Flexibility across patient and resident capability. Available in two sizes ensuring flexibility across height range of patients and residents.
● Sara Stedy is designed for patients in the height range of 149-193cm, (4’11”-6’6”) and Sara Stedy Compact is designed for smaller patients in the height range of 138-172cm, (4’6”-5’8”) and weight up to 182 kg, (400 lbs).
● INNOVATIVE PIVOTING SEAT OPENING: Easily accessible for the patient and requires minimal handling by the caregiver
● CAREGIVER HANDLE: Intuitive and easy to use for safe patient transfer
● CROSSBAR HANDLE: Allows the patient to support themselves by pulling rather than pushing
● ENHANCED SEAT DESIGN: Built-in seat handgrips which allow the caregiver to easily turn the support aid
● KNEE SUPPORT: Additional support when a patient cannot fully control leg movements
● SAFE WORKING LOAD: Robust frame to hold weight up to 182kg (400 lbs)
● PEDAL-OPERATED CHASSIS LEGS: Easily adjusted for optimum access during
● TOTAL-LOCK CASTORS: Provides complete support when the aid is stationary

Max safe working load 182 kg (400 lbs) 182 kg (400 lbs)
Weight 29,4kg (64,82 lbs) 28,3 kg (62,5 lbs)
Total length 92 cm (36,2 in) 89 cm (35 in))
Total height 105 cm (41,3 in) 96 cm (37,8 in)
Height of chassis 10 cm (3,9 in) 10 cm (3,9 in)
lnternal width legs closed 36 cm (14,2 in) 36 cm (14,2 in)
Internal width legs open 75 cm (29,5 in) 75 cm (29,5 in)
External width legs open 88 cm (34,6 in) 88 cm (34,6 in)

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