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Whether you’re looking for a vertical platform lift or an inclinded platform lift, 101 Mobility [Wilmington] will find you the best solution for full access to your porch, garage, or other application.

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About Platform Lifts

Residential Platform lifts can come in all shapes and sizes. Many are purpose-built for indoor or outdoor use and have features specific to the needs of the home or venue. Platform Lifts can be categorized in different ways: VPLs (vertical platform lifts), also called “porch lifts”, can be installed indoors or outdoors, and act more as an open elevator. Inclined Platform Wheelchair lifts, as the name suggests, are similar to stairlifts with wheelchair platforms rather than stand-alone seats.

Vertical Platform Lifts

Vertical platform lifts travel straight up and down, while inclined platform lifts travel along the pathway of existing staircases.

Inclined Platform Lifts

Inclined Platform Lifts attach to a rail to travel along the incline of an existing staircase.

How to Choose a Platform Lift

Purchasing a wheelchair lift for your home can be a life-changing choice – but the decisions don’t stop there. Here are some things to consider when choosing the best platform lift for your needs.

Vertical Platform List vs Inclined Platform Lift

Both types of lifts are ideal for transporting wheelchair users. A vertical platform lift travels vertically to a deck, porch, or other ledge, while an inclined platform lift travels along the pathway of an existing staircase.

Weight Capacity

Depending on the make and model, platform lifts may have a weight capacity from 500 to 750 lbs. During your home consultation, our Mobility Consultant will help you choose which model will fit your needs.

Incline Height and Design

If you need to get your wheelchair or power chair up a wide-set straight or curved staircase, an incline platform lift might be right for you. However, a steeper incline supported by a narrow staircase might call for a vertical platform lift.

Is the incline higher than 14 feet? You might need to consider a residential elevator, instead. Our local teams are here to help you evaluate individual mobility goals as well as property requirements.

Power Chair and Wheelchair Design

It is important to determine whether the platform lift can accommodate the configuration of your mobility device. Things to look at are wheel structure and width of platform.

After-Sales Support

What happens after installation? After the platform lift becomes a part of your home, it’s important to have support for any issues that might arise. All lifts are backed by the 101 Mobility One-year Limited. Service Warranty in addition to the brand’s individual warranty.

Renting vs Buying

Deciding whether to rent or buy a vertical platform lift* depends on your budget and need. For example, if you expect to use your lift for only a short period of time, renting might be your best option. On the other hand, long-term usage might warrant the purchase of a new lift. Regardless, 101 Mobility [Wilmington] offers affordable pricing that will fit your budget.

*Rental options only available for some vertical platform lift models.

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