Ascension Clarity 16E

The Ascension Clarity 16E Vertical Platform Lift is ideal for small spaces. It requiresonly four feet of space for installation, and does not require a pit or access ramp. With its three clear sides, this fully-enclosed platform lift ensures a feeling of spaciousness.


● Fully enclosed
● Three clear sides for an open feeling
● Small footprint
● Quiet and reliable drivetrain
● 10-year manufacturer warranty

● Vertical Travel: 34” – 168”
● Capacity: 750 lbs.
● Enclosure: fully enclosed with transparent panels
● Footprint: 48” wide by 68” deep
● Power: chain-hydraulic, mounted on vibration-isolating supports
● Color: exterior-grade silver metallic powder coating. Other options available upon request.

● Power Gate Operator (upper and/or lower)
● Custom Colors
● Universal Keys
● Outdoor Dome

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