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At 101 Mobility [Wilmington], we provide a variety of lifts for safe water access that meet the customized criteria of each homeowner, business owner, and professional caregiver. Each lift is vetted for quality and safety features that meet the needs of hospitals, healthcare centers, hotels, and homes alike. Our lifts can be easily installed on nearly any deck surface to provide full aquatic accessibility for every client. So go ahead — make a splash!

101 Mobility [Wilmington] offers free consultations with an expert Mobility Consultant to assess the area and speak with you about your needs. Contact us today to schedule yours!

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About Pool & Spa Lifts

Our pool lifts & spa lifts are ideal for both commercial and residential use.

Our knowledgeable Mobility Consultants are available to professionally evaluate your pool or spa to determine the best solution for your aquatic needs. We also install and service each of our pool & spa lifts ourselves for added convenience to you.

101 Mobility [Wilmington] can help provide independent and safe access to your swimming pool or spa with our wide range of access products, including pool & spa lifts from two of the industry’s leading manufacturers.

We offer our customers an array of choices, from varying weight capacities and above- or in-ground options to suit your specific needs, to customized colors to suit your pool or spa’s aesthetic.

How to Choose the Right Pool or Spa Lift

There are three primary types of pool & spa lifts, portable, removable, and permanent. Each has different features and benefits. It is important to consider which type best suits your unique needs.

Portable Pool Lifts

Portable pool lifts have wheels, allowing them to be moved to different locations around your pool or spa, or stored away when not in use. Because they are not secured to the pool deck, they do not require extensive installation – only some minor assembly and setup. Portable pool lifts utilize a system of weights and brakes to stay steadily in place when in use, and are typically battery-powered. Some locations offer portable pool lift rentals, making them a great option for those who need short-term pool or spa access while recovering from an injury or to accommodate a visitor who requires assistance.

Removable Pool Lifts

Removable pool lifts offer a hybrid between portable and permanent pool lifts. They are installed in the pool deck, but can be relatively easily removed as needed. The base of the removable pool lift slides into a sleeve, installed in the pool deck. When not in use, the lift can be removed for an unobstructed pool deck, and the sleeve is covered by a protective cap to prevent injury.

Permanent Pool Lifts

Permanent pool lifts cannot be moved once installed, as they are secured with an anchor beneath the pool or spa’s deck. They are ideal solutions for frequent use and are most commonly used in commercial applications for ADA compliance.

Pool Lift Power Types

Pool lifts may be battery-powered or manual. Battery-powered lifts have a waterproof remote control, allowing the users to operate the lifts themselves. Most battery-powered lifts can alternately be operated by a caregiver if the user is unable to operate the lift.

Manual lifts must be operated by facility staff or caregivers, removing all control from the user. They utilize a lever system to raise and lower the user in and out of the pool or spa.

Custom Pool Lift Features

You can customize your pool lift to give your guests and loved ones an improved water access experience. Handrails and seat belts provide added security and peace of mind. You may also opt for an access key that prevents unauthorized use of the lift – ideal for facilities with small children present.

Most pool lifts are available in a range of colors as well to enhance your pool or spa’s aesthetic.

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