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Get where you need to go, safely and independently. 101 Mobility [Wilmington] offers a wide variety of power chairs and scooters that grant you the freedom to keep moving — indoors or outdoors, anytime, anywhere.

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Power Chairs

Power chairs are motorized variations of standard manual wheelchairs, designed for both indoor and outdoor use. They are easily maneuverable and are ideal for use in tight spaces.

Power Mobility Scooters

Power mobility scooters offer assistance for those who have difficulty walking long distances. They are ergonomic and intuitively steered using handlebars and a tiller.

How to Choose a Power Chair or Mobility Scooter

Different models of power chairs and mobility scooters have different features. Consider the following when choosing the best mobility device for your needs:

Steering Method

Power scooters are steered using handlebars and a tiller, while mobility scooters are steered using joysticks. Mobility should not be hindered by arthritis or other limitations, so make sure the device is easy for the user to control.

Weight Capacity

Different models of power chairs and mobility scooters have different weight capacities, ranging from 250 pounds to 450 pounds. It is important to consider the weight of potential users when choosing the best solution for your needs.


Power Chairs are best for use indoors through narrow hallways and doorways as they are able to make tighter turns. Mobility Scooters are ideal for use outdoors as their large wheels can easily handle uneven surfaces. Both options can travel long distances between charges.

After-Sales Support

What happens after purchase? Once you receive your mobility scooter or power chair, it’s important to have support for routine maintenance and any questions that might arise. All new mobility scooters and power chairs are backed by 101 Mobility’s One-Year Limited Service Warranty in addition to the brand’s individual warranty so you can feel confident with your new mobility device.

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