Modular Ramps [Wilmington]

101 Mobility’s aluminum modular wheelchair ramp systems provide highly customizable and durable solutions to meet your unique accessibility needs.

Not only are our ramps fast and easy to install, they are available for rental and can be removed without impacting your home’s resale value.

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About Modular Wheelchair Ramps

Our modular wheelchair ramps are composed of interchangeable pre-fabricated components, making them much faster to install than wood or concrete ramps. Our highly durable ramps are composed of heavy-duty, anodized aluminum, so they won’t rust and require little to no maintenance. When your ramp needs extend beyond the scope of a portable or light ramp, 101 Mobility [Wilmington]’s modular wheelchair ramps are here to help.

Because our ramps are made of interchangeable sections, they are adaptable to your changing needs. Need a ramp for short-term use when a family member visits or while recovering from an injury? All of our ramps are available for short- or long-term rental! Moving or remodeling your home? Our experts can reconfigure your ramp so you can move it to a different entrance or a different home entirely.

101 Mobility [Wilmington]’s ADA compliant, American-made modular wheelchair ramp systems include ramps with handrails as well as stairs and platforms to suit any home’s needs.

Why Choose a Modular Wheelchair Ramp

Countless Configurations

101 Mobility [Wilmington]’s mix-and-match modular ramp systems allow for countless ramp configurations, enabling safe access to nearly any entryway.

Smooth, Sturdy Handrails

Our modular ramps come standard with seamless anodized aluminum handrails along the entire length of the ramp. Whether you need help balancing while walking on the ramp or you want an additional level of safety when driving your power chair up the ramp, our handrails with vertical and horizontal pickets will keep you safe and steady. Our ramps and handrails are made to meet ADA guidelines, so you know you can depend on them.

Durability & Safety

101 Mobility [Wilmington]’s modular ramps are made of heavy-duty anodized aluminum, guaranteed not to rust or weather with the elements.

Our ramps have grooved aluminum surfaces which increase traction, ensuring a non-slip surface in even the wettest conditions.

Fast Installation & Easy Removal

Our modular ramps do not require concrete footings or structural modifications to your home, and usually do not require building permits. Because our ramps can be easily removed, they will not negatively impact your home’s resale value.

The Aluminum Advantage

All of our ramps are made of heavy-duty anodized aluminum. Our aluminum has numerous benefits over wood, steel, and concrete counterparts, include enhanced durability and safety.