Threshold Ramps [Wilmington]

Threshold ramps from 101 Mobility [Wilmington] allow wheelchair, power chair, power scooter, and other wheeled mobility device users to easily maneuver across short rises in the home.

Whether crossing through a doorway threshold, up a small step, or across a number of other daily obstacles, 101 Mobility [Wilmington] offers a rubber or aluminum threshold ramp solution to suit your needs.

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About Threshold Ramps

Threshold ramps are wedge-shaped sections of heavy-duty aluminum or rubber that sit beneath a doorway, small step, or other uneven surface to enable wheeled mobility devices to easily roll across.

101 Mobility [Wilmington]’s rubber ramps are constructed of 100% recycled tires that will not rust or corrode, and feature a durable, non-skid driving surface.

101 Mobility [Wilmington]’s aluminum ramps are constructed of heavy-duty anodized aluminum, so they won’t rust, and have a grooved surface for additional traction.

Both aluminum and rubber ramps are suitable for use indoor or outdoor, and are portable.

How to Choose a Threshold Ramp

Size & Weight Capacity

When determining the right size and type of threshold ramp for your needs, 101 Mobility [Wilmington]’s Mobility Consultants will need to know the exact height and width of the threshold. For narrow or irregular doorways, a rubber threshold ramp may be the best solution as our experts can trim the ramp to the exact width of your doorway.

101 Mobility [Wilmington]’s threshold ramps are available in a range of sizes, and have weight capacities ranging from 850 to 1,000 pounds.


101 Mobility [Wilmington]’s threshold ramps are easy to install in just minutes! The free-standing design provides a sturdy, secure surface, and can be effortlessly moved to different areas of your home as needed. Our compact ramps can even be stored away when not in use.

ADA Compliance

101 Mobility [Wilmington]’s rubber and aluminum threshold ramps are ADA compliant, ensuring that they are manufactured to the highest safety and reliability standards.

If you need a quick, easy, and affordable aid to help you navigate uneven transitions, you’re in the right place. We offer a large variety of threshold ramps for both temporary and permanent applications – all backed by 101 Mobility’s signature one-year limited service warranty, in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty. Contact us today for additional information and pricing.